The Use of Gender Prediction Methods

Guessing an unborn baby's gender, or gender prediction, is an extremely old practice. Expecting parents have searched for centuries to find fool-proof methods to identify their baby's sex. This urge stem's from our nature to pursue the unknown. In present day, the pursuit of knowing the gender of an unborn child continues because parents wish to plan the makeup of their families according to their desires. In many cultures, a male child is viewed more favorable than a female child. Therefore, gender prediction is used to attempt to ascertain the sex of the child before birth.

Gaining the knowledge of a baby's gender before birth is not unethical, but it can lead to gender prejudice and gender selection which many believe is unethical. Some expecting parents practice gender prediction to be sure of the sex of their child and when this information is known, the process of gender selection is used. If the gender of the baby is not of their choosing, many couples will seek an abortion in these cases.

Even though no fool-proof gender prediction methods exist that aren't scientifically proven, man's need to know the unknown has lead to many unethical methods that are used today to select the preferred sex of an unborn child. Although the accuracy of such gender prediction methods remains in question, many still resort to these practices.

The Chinese lunar calendar is one of the most popular and practiced methods used today. It is centered around the day that a mother conceives. Depending on which day you conceive determines your unborn child's gender. Many people go by a baby's heart rate, a mother's cravings, the shape of the mother's stomach and the activity of the baby in the womb to answer their questions on gender prediction.

There are many differences that separate these techniques but they all have one thing in common. They accomplish the satisfaction of the parent's curiosity to know the gender of their unborn baby. Having a child is exciting and knowing the gender of that baby will help in planning for their arrival. Gender prediction methods have aided many parents in preparing for their little bundle of joy.


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