Gender Prediction Methods

Gender prediction is practiced by many couples around the world that are expecting a baby. Determining the gender of an unborn child is a fun and easy way to satisfy the curious minds of expecting parents. The desire to know the gender of a baby is strong when there is several weeks until an ultrasound can be performed. Despite being known for their inaccuracy, there are countless gender prediction methods and techniques available to try.

The most well known scientifically proven method is ultrasound testing. This test is usually performed around the sixteenth week of pregnancy. Among other things, it can reveal the gender of the unborn baby. The ultrasound is not only used for gender prediction. It is also used to examine the development of the baby and the environment in the uterus. The ultrasound test gives the parents their first look at their unborn child which helps establish a connection.

Amniocentesis is another test performed on pregnant women. This test will reveal any symptoms of inherited or genetic disorders and is carried out by withdrawing amniotic fluids from around the fetus for testing. This test can be performed when a suitable amount of fluid is present with the fetus. After testing, the amniotic sac replaces the missing liquid within a few days. This test is usually performed around the sixteenth week of gestation and can also be used for gender prediction.

Chorionic villus testing is performed by taking a sample of placenta tissues from the uterus containing the fetus. Testing is usually reccommended when either the mother or father has a genetic disorder. This test reveals any birth defects that a baby may have. It also can be used for gender prediction since the baby's sex can be determined from the extracted fluids.

Many preganant women resort to old wive's tales to predict the gender of their baby. While these methods are fun, they are by no means accurate and should be perfomed just for laughs.
These gender prediction methods range from how you carry the baby, the baby's heart rate and the use of Chinese lunar calendars.

How well do these gender prediciton methods work? The ultrasound is fairly accurate as long as you can get a clear enough picture of your baby. Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling are not primarily performed to determine gender but they are extremely accurate. Old wive's tales are fun and exciting ways to guess a baby's gender. But the most reliable gender prediction methods should be carried out by your physician.


Kevin said...

Agree with you, the most accurate method in predicting a baby gender is via the ultrasound scan. The old wive's tales are just for reference.

Chinese said...

I agree with content.

Chinese Gender Predictor said...

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robert said...

As far as i concern that The experiment so conducted is 90% hand since it is based on the technological principles. Thus, get your own gender foretelling attempt kit and screw the sexuality of your child within transactions and as inchoate as 10 weeks.

Gender Prediction

oldwivestalesbabygender said...

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sammy said...

Baby gender prediction - Boy or Girl?


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